Beware To All Job Seekers : Total Oil & Gas UK


Here’s a Hoot-Hoot Topic to kick-start my day. If you are a job seeker and have applied a job posistion offered by Total Oil & Gas UK via Linkdin. And this is how the Job Invitation would sound:-













At first when I received the Email. I noticed the Mistakes right away and found out that this was a Scam. Can you find and identify them? Here are a few pointers to watch-out for:-

1. No Proper Citation and Address
👉 I did not see my Name or Address on any of the documentations that they sent apart from my email address

2. Letter Head & Logo Placement was sloppy
👉 Noticed how the office address? Here’s a hint 📩 :
👉 Fonts are not professional
👉 Highlighted in Bold
👉 Inconsistent Spacing

3. Logo Placement
👉 Logo seems very dodgy, as if it was stretched and copy & paste onto the document.

👉 You would reckon for a very highly established organization (especially in the Oil & Gas Industry would have a very professional look towards their presentation right)?

4. Job Description & Other Supporting Documentations
👉 For a highly established organization, I do believe their have their own Procedures and Process Flow with regards to CV Application yes? 😁

A) Off course, we want to know how are the other candidates applying for the same job?
👉  In the Email, I could see all the other job applicants who applied for the same posistion. Which a big No-No. It shows their email management on receiving bulk emails are very poor 😅

B) Show Me The Money
👉 Yikes, I was shocked to even see thr Job Offered as Project Manager for Total UK would be that much. The offer was put on the table without even a proper interview. I do believe that the posistion offered must have a Minimum Requirement on Qualification. And different qualification would have a different salary range.

C) Signed with Corporate Love
👉 Now this is a big one for me. I noticed a in-consistency in their signature. First it was Human Resouce Department and then Human Resource Officer and then other names 😂😂 Its either the HR is going through a Identity Crisis or having split personalities 😂😂

D) Let’s Fly Fly Away
👉 Now this is the Million Dollar questions for every Job Seeker. I got the offer now how to get there? Ta-daa, what an awesome package. To get the offer and at the same time having your flight and travel arrangements done for you. 😇😇 All you got to do is pay for it. Funny thing is I assume the fee would be the same for ‘ALL’ countries and destinations 😂

E) The Interview is where?
It stated in the Job Post that it was suppose to be held in the UK. As I scrolled down and saw a few more mistakes in the Email? First it was UK and Brazil and an email to the other applicant stated UK and Brazil. What’s next? UK and a FREE Holiday Trip to Maldives? 😂😂

More over, what made me very suspicious was that usually Total would advertise in the Papers or on their Website. Futhermore, in Brunei Darussalam we have a Total Office located in Bandar. (Thank Heavens that I joined an Abnormal Behaviour Detection Course before, Phew~)

LoveNote 💖 of the day?

🌟 Never giveaway personal details such as Bank Account No, email address or contact details to perfectly good strangers

🌟 Do not make payments for any job offers that you find dodgy

🌟 If you do get an offer, scanned through and re-read the email / document. Identify the loop-holes. And always trust your gut. (The moment I opened the document, my insticts was like a radar going off) 😁

🌟 Do not hesitate to contact the ‘Real’ HR Department to the Job Offer. The best way is to contact is via their website or don’t be shy and call their HR Department for Real Verification.

🌟 Get consultation from your Local Labor Department with regards to Job Offers outside your region / country.

If you received the same Email with Job Offers, comment below 👇. We would love to hear from you. Share the awareness to others.

Stay Safe | Be Safe | Be Smart

Much Love 💖
@21st Century Sarah


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