Got It Covered This Eid


During the last day of Ramadhan, everyone has a last minute shopping list. With the hecticness of last minute shopping I was searching for Shawls to match with this year’s color. The features that I wanted in a shawls was the following (yes I have a criteria list 😂)

👉 Simple and Clean Look
👉 Easy to Manage
👉 Ironless
👉 Light, fluffy and Breeze
👉 Princessy-feel even if its loose and long
👉 Color matches my outfit (and will fit for all outfits)
👉 Pinless

Thank Heavens, Covered By Anissa (local designers making their way up the Fashion List) had a branch in Giant Rimba and very convinent, as they are nearby my home in Rimba. 😍😍

Previously I bought the #AmalKnot in Navy Green from CoveredbyAnissa and feel in love with their concept of Simplicity with Ease. Less in 1 minute your good to go out the door. 💖 I give their Shawls & Features 5 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 I ticked all must-have features on my criterial list. And I added two more shawls to my collection. Covered By Annisa got me covered this Eid 💖💖 JazakAllah Khair CBA. 😍😍

Plus they had designed to cater to little Muslimahs.



Can’t wait to visit their Pop-Store next time to add a different twist to my closet for work outfits 🙂

Much Love 💖
@21st Century Sarah


2 thoughts on “Got It Covered This Eid

  1. Cezane & Michelle says:

    Asalam Aleikum.
    Lovely read!
    Your blog is sublime 👌
    New, fresh,one which will prosper to great heights.
    Let me know anytime if we can help anyhow. Cheers dear! – Cezane


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