Unmasking Insecurities


The bitter sweetness of celebrating Hari Raya (Eid Mubarak) every year. First there is a pang of saddness because Ramadhan has come to an End. And at times I do miss the feeling of waking up at 3AM in the morning for Sahur. And having dinner together with the family for Sungkai (breaking of fast) every evening. This helps to bring us more closer to our loved ones. We get the chance to sit together and end the day with a sense of Victory. Even through the hecticnss of work and school, we get to have the time to sit together as a  family as we fast together through-out the day till the last day of Ramadhan.

As I was going through Social Media (Facebook and IG) I noticed some of the fellow FB-ians posting about the most FAQs’ (Famous Asked Questions during this festive season. Here are some of the most popular questions being asked:-

Famous Asked Questions

Does the questions above ring a bell? Imagine going to visit six (6) to eight (8) houses in a day and being asked the same question over and over again. I don’t know if it’s a culture thing or a friendly way for us to break the Ice after not seeing our relatives in a while?

My ‘Geng’ (Mates) who were born in the 70s, 80s and 90s can relate to this. Haha. Imagine if there was a rule of being paid B$1.00 (a dollar) each time someone asks that question. The feedback I got from my family and friends are the same, they dread being asked that question. It triggers a mixed feeling of Annoyance, Anger, Depressing, Saddness and Invasion of one’s privacy.   I mean who would’nt be right?

Do we blame it on Taboo?

Do we blame it on Culture?

Do we blame it Tradition?

Do we blame it on Trend?

Is it the Mindset?

Even for me at times, I find myself insecure when being asked about questions such as:

Where are you working now? 

Is the Pay Good? 

Did you get the Job or do you know someone from the inside?

How’s business? Sales doing ok? 

This year, I thought of ‘Unmasking Insecurities‘ and facing them head on. Come what may. I know who I am inside and I know my strengths. Saya yakin Rezeki itu datang dari Allah. No matter the burning questions or buzzing curiosities some might have. I will take it positive and take it as a challange. Answer with Honesty and Sincerity. Why?

By Unmasking Our Insecurities, we are showing a different side of us:-

  1. Strong & Brave : We are brave to step outside our comfortzone by facing our fears. Even if it means going through 100s cycles of the FAQs
  2. Positiveness : We think positive of ourselves and the situation no matter how negative the situation may be.
  3. Poise & Control: By being Honest and Sincery, we can take control of the situation. We will leave an impression that we are Strong, Brave, Postive and Poise.

    The Rosebud will bloom into a beautiful Rose at it’s Pace & Time.

Share with us your common FAQ’s you get during Festive Seasons or Family Gathering. Comment below.

Much Love ❤

Sarah @21st Century Sarah


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