3 Things To Know Before Going To A Walk-In Interview

3 Things to Know Before Going To A Walk-In Interview

If you are seeking for employment and you come across an advertisement stating there is a Walk-In-Interview nearby you. You jump for joy as this is an opportunity for you to get hired. Than a pang of nervousness and anticpation hit you like a wave.

Your Heart starts to skip a beat…

The palms of your hands are sweaty…

Feeling cold chills crawling through your skin…

You feel sick and light-headed…

Try these tips to help you prepare and ace that interview. 

Here are a three (3) things you need to know to prepare yourself for the interview.


Confidence is key. Knowing that you are comfortable in your own skin can make a great first impression to your future employeer. Many have asked, how to feel confidence when you feel like a nervous-wrecked as you see the long-line of applicants who are seeking to get the posistion just like you. You may feel, some are more equalified than you. Or that some are more seasoned with experience than you. Nevertheless, Just be You. There is no reason to Fake it. But bear in mind, that you are here to ace that interview. And that first impression counts.

And here is a little tip: Imagine the very best of yourself relfecting from within. 


Before attending any interview ( be it a scheduled appointment or a walk in interview) it is always best to research about the company, their products and services. This shows that you are serious about the company that you have invested time and effort to getting to know more about the company.

Take an extra mile by researching about the roles and responsibilities of the posistion that you are going to apply. This can prepare you to answer those tough questions relating to that posistion. You can also seek consultation or advises from friends, family members or even collegues who have the same role or work in the same department. And hear their stories as a source of inspiration and find out more on what the job is like in the real-world.


Now not everyday one comes across a walk-in interview opportunity. Take this chance to ask as much questions relating to the job or company. This inniative shows that you are very keen to join the company. At the same time try to make small-talk in between. For example, talk about what inspires you the most and how you can contribute to the company even if you are a fresh-graduate with little or no working experience as well. Don’t just babble all the way through without giving the interviewers a chance. Instead, try to read their body language and tap into your Emotional Intelligence (EI) to read their reactions and minds. Show them that you are a positive person with great passion and not just someone who is seeking for a monthly pay-cheque.

Try these small 3 steps before you attend your next interview. And share with us on your findings, we loved to hear from you.

Till we meet again,

Much Love ❤

Sarah @21st Century Sarah


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