How To Achieve That No Make-Up Make Up Look


This a total must have for all ladies who wish to stay minimal with no make-up but still achieving that natural glow and flawless complexion. Ok, what is the latest scoop on this make-up look that is becoming a trend among youth and women?

The ‘No-Make-Up-Make-Up-Look’ (Now try saying this 10 times in a row.huhu) is the idea of using minimal make-up but still achieving the following:-

  1. Natural Glow
  2. Flawless and Radiant Look
  3. Pinkish Cheeks
  4. Pinkish or Reddish lips
  5. Smooth Complexion
  6. Eyebrows on fleek
  7. Fresh & Wide looking eyes
  8. Clean and polished overall look
  9. Looks like ‘I woke-up like this’ :p
  10. Quick, simple and easy to use make-up tools

Now, if you are a Wonder-Women mommy who has less than 30 minutes to prep every morn (I can totally relate, the first ones to wake-up but always the last one out the door. We mommies tend to make-sure that everyone is up and ready and then we will focus on us). Or the Super Women buzzy bee who only has less than 15 minutes to prep and then you’re out the door. Then this is a must have for you.

All you need is:-

  1. BBPlus Collagen
  2. Bio Ever Plus (Magic Cream)
  3. Cozuma Mattyfying Lipstick
  4. Cozuma CC Cream
  5. Finishing Powder / Compact Powder (of your choice)
  6. Your Favourite Highlighter
  7. White / Nude eyeliner
  8. Mascara
  9. Eyebrow Pencil / Pomade (with spooli brush)
  10. Cheek Color / blusher (of your choice)

Right, I bet the first thing you may notice is Items mentioned in 1 – 2 is something you might never heard of and you are wondering why in the world would these. And For 3-4 is something you might like to give it a try. (My current products that I adore and love that is within everyone’s budget).

Now here’s why I suggest for your to give 1-4 a try to achieve that No-Make-Up-Make-Up-Look.


When we reach the age of early 20’s our body stops making and producing collagen that is needed to provide our skin with the essential vitamins and minerals to prevent our skin from dropping rock-bottom. And each sachet of BBPlus Collagen will give you that natural collagen boost that is made from Pure Type 2 Fish Collagen. Here are 7 interesting facts that make you fall in love with BBPlus Collagen. I get some inquires now and then on how long will you see the effects of BBPlus Collagen after consuming. You need to consume Collagen consistently on a regular basis for the first 3 (Three) months to see the difference. As it your body needs at least 90 days to renew, re-build and repair the damaged cells in your body.

7 Petanda Kulit Sihat


Beauty Hack - Zoom

I absolutely love this cream. It is made from the finest ingredients that gives that instant effect. ❤




The very first time I used Bio Ever Plus, I could instantly feel the difference especially when I had the problem with my Thyroid. I massaged Bio Ever Plus twice a day on a daily basis. And swellings had reduced. And it works wonders when I had constipation. Once massaged into my belly and abdomen, I literally went to the Loo (No Joke about that Phew~). After much research about this product,I saw that there was more than 40 uses of Bio Ever Plus (to be shared and announced soon yay)

Now you may be asking how does these product help with achieving that ‘No-Make-Up-Make-Up-Look’. I was always a fan of Beauty, Health and Wellness products since 2012. And from experience, when you’re internals are healthy it will be reflected through your external being. 😀 Healthy Insides = Healthy Skin. Hence, less make-up coverage needed to use to cover areas of concern (Acne, Scars, Large Pores, Oily Combination Skin, Pigmentation and more)

3. Cozuma CC Cream & Mattifying Lipsticks

Cozuma CC Cream

CC Creams are the must have when you feeling like you do not want to get all doll-ed up but do not want to leave the house looking like a mad-zombie :p Just wear one layer of this baby and you’re good to go. (*Depends on everyone skin tone, Cozuma CC Cream is very fair and only comes with 1 color / shade)

Are you a Lippies Hippie Like me?


a Lipstick Jane?

I soooo love Lipgloss ever since I was in Highschool. Want to see these lovelies lip swatches? Coolies! Let us know you thoughts.

And last but not least, here I would love to share my favourite items that I use on a daily basis to get that ‘No-Make-Up-Make-Up-Look’


Can you spot some of your favourite items? I sooo ❤ Love Ronasutra powder line of products such as their Compact Powder, Loose Powder, Blushers. Since their products are natural and does wonders to the skin. And it helps me to smoothen large pores, clear my acne and many more.

Come and share with us your favourite items in your Make-Up Bag 😀

Till we meet again,

Much Love,

@21st Century Sarah



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