Belated Welcome 2017


At the end of 2016, New Year’s Resolution is a common thing to do to end the year and to welcome the New Year. But how many of us have ticked or crossed out the many things on our To-Do-List in our New Year’s Resolution checklist?

To kick-start my 2017, here are some of the things that I hoped to acheive this year:-

  1. BLOGGING : This blog is dedication is to find inspiration and source of motivation for those who wish (Youth) to venture into Entrepreneruship and Start-Ups. Share Healthy, Beauty and Wellness tips and tricks. 
  2. TRAVEL : To travel and visit places that I always wanted to go such as Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Maldives and Jakarata.
  3. START-UP COMPANY:  To venture into F&B Business Opportunity, Beauty Industry, Franchasie Opportunity.
  4. BRANDING & IDENTITY: To finding a new face for 21st Century Sarah and identify the projects for 2017 pipeline.
  5. READ MORE BOOKS FROM MY READING LIST (FOR 2017) : Phew! gotta brush the dust off from my Reading List.
  6. HEALTHY HABITS : In-corporate healthy eating and finding a sport and being consistent to a routine.
  7. UPDATE KNOWLEDGE BANK & UPGRADE MEMORY BANK : Gotta learn & find creative ways to gain more knowledge. Gotta complete the Blogging 101 course conducted by DailyPost University by Automattic Inc. 

These are some of the things that I have organized for my 2017 checklist. And thinking of creating a Dream-Vision Board.

Share with us on what you wish to acheive in 2017 and how you write down those dreams and to-dos. Do you prefer keeping a digital journal or your a pen to paper sort of gal?


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