De’Hijrah Beauty

Photo Credit : The Brunei Times 

Do you love the scent of Nature?

Do you love Natural & Organic Products?

Do you enjoy doing a DIY home remedy?

Then you need to try De’Hijrah Beauty Products.

21st Century Sarah is an agent of De’Hijrah Beauty Products for Brunei Darussalam.

What are De’Hijrah Beauty Products you may ask?

De’Hijrah Beauty is a local and home-grown beauty centre that manufacturers a line of natural and organic beauty products that is suitable for all ages. And they are also the authorized agents for SkeenTint organic products.

The Owner of De’Hijrah Beauty : Puan Hartini Tahir

Main ingredients are made from :

  1. Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)
  2. Madu Kelulut (Honey)
  3. Aleo Vera
  4. Beras Laila
  5. Kelapa Pandan
  6. Neem Leaf
  7. Bidara Oil
  8. Rose Water
  9. Royal Jelly

Don’t they sound yummy? 😀

Do you fancy trying them first before purchasing? No sweat, De’Hijrah Beauty Centre offers Facial Session that lasts 30mins to 1 hour. Now isnt that a beaut <3. Feel free to visit their Facebook Page at De’Hijrah Beauty Brunei. Their beauty-centre is located at CentrePoint, Level 1, Terminal One Longue (Previously where Euro-Classic used to be).

Want to know more about the products? Stay tuned folks for the next post.

Here is a sneak peak of the what to expect in our next post:

Photo Credit: De’Hijrah Beauty Grand Opening Ceremony on 16th October 2016, Pearl Jade Conference 1, The Centrepoint Hotel Gadong.



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