Where Do I Start to Start-Up?


This is the most common question that most of Entrepreneurs ask ourselves before going to sleep or the first thought when we wake-up in the morning.

Let’s say you have an Idea that has been bugging and pestering you all day. An Idea for your business. And you really think that it might work for you?


What’s holding you back?

What’s stopping you from executing your idea for your start-up?

What are you worried about that won’t go according to your plan?

And you letting that idea linger…..


(Make a list of the things that you feel and think that is preventing you from achieving your goals)

Here I would like to share the TOP 3 FACTORS that every entrepreneur faces that is challenging:-

  1. MINDSET : Think of this from another perspective.

You are watching a MMA Fight on the telly.

YOU : Viewer / Audience (Outside the ring)

You are watching the fight from the outside.

And you are cheering on and supporting your favourite Fighter.

And you wondering how the fight will finish?

But you got so caught up with the fight and the excitement that you decide to watch and participate along with the audience.

FIGHTERS: In the fighting Arena (in the ring)

Fighters are pumped with Adrenaline and excitement

Fighters are focused on the opponent,

They study their opponent…

Watching their moves…

They replay the moves that they have practised in their mind,

They hear the crowd cheering them on from the outside,

It motives them,

And they are prepared,

Because they are focused and they know that if you WANT to WIN you have to BELIEVE that you WILL.

Can you get the picture? 😀

MINDSET is essential for every Entrepreneur. You need to be mentally strong to be able to determine what you WANT and how to execute your plans to ensure that you and your business have a WIN-WIN scenario. To achieve that, you’ll need to BELIEVE that you CAN and you WILL.



How to identify passion? 

There is a saying “Passion For Fashion”

Fashion Designers, Fashion Bloggers, Fashion Stylist live and breath Fashion.

You can tell that you are passionate about sometime is when you are not bored to talk about that subject over and over and over again.

Passion is one of the main ingredients that every Entrepreneur should have.


Because Passion is the like the SAMBAL PEDAS (Spicy Sause) to your Favourite Meal.

No matter how hard you fall, your Passion will help to ignite that spark  when you feel the flame is burning out.

Passion is the Drive for your to keep on moving forward and not to look back.



If You Fail to Plan, You are Planning to Fail – Benjamin Franklin

Planning is a process.

And this process helps you to identify the steps that you need to identify those goals.

Planning can help you to make your Vision even clearer.

How to plan? Here are a few tips:-

a) Brainstorming

b) SWOT Analysis

c) Team discussion

d) Coaching

e) Personal and Professional Training

These are just a few factors that is essential. And hope that these may help others to kick-start your planning. Don’t let fear stand in your way to achieving your dreams.

Till next time folks,

Have a smashing weekend ahead.

Much Love ❤

Sarah Amanina @21st Century Sarah


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