We Turn 5

turn 5 today 02

My, My How Time Flies….
Today, 21st Century Sarah turns 5.
It was just like yesterday when we first started blogging.
Not many knows how we first started. It was in the year 2012, when I first wrote and published my blog for a project at a previous workplace.
Back in the 90s, ever since I was in the 3rd Grade I enjoyed reading and writing in my journals. Recording everything in my childhood from books, to friends, marking down everything single aspect of my life.
Writing was second nature to me. It was therapeutic, it was how I express myself on paper. When everyone would sleep, I would be awake in the wee hours of the night, writing, with my blue-feathered ball-pen (it was popular back then) & night-light and writting down pages and pages till my hand was sore.
Till today, I still kept those journals as a reminder of the journey from the transition from Paper to Digital. And how much I have grown. How my passion from writing has grown too.
Now, since 2012, I enjoyed blogging and writing about things that inspire and motivate me. When I first launched http://www.21stcenturysarah.com, my blogged was about Motherhood, Breastfeeding and beauty, health and wellness.
I hope that once my girls are old enough, that they will love writing too.
And to you, yes you, who is reading this.
Hope you find inspiration and motivation in our blog latest http://www.21stcenturysarahblog.wordpress.com that is dedicated to entrepreneurship & Start-Ups.
Thank you to those who have wished us on our anniversary. We feel so blessed.
Much Love ❤
Sarah Amanina Hj Ahmad
@CEO & Director
21st Century Sarah

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